Friday, March 8, 2013

Tired and cranky and hungry, oh my!

I have an appointment with a perinatal doctor on Tuesday, so I will know early next week if I'm high risk, or fine, or what have you.

Lately, I've been one emotional mess!  I started crying in the bathroom at work yesterday for no discernible reason.  Every time the baby kicks, it hurts so much!  I just want her to stop, but at the same time I feel relieved that she's okay.  I can't sleep but I'm so so tired.

I'm still only 6 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, which makes me happy but also worries me.  I'm definitely eating, so I know I'm getting nutrients.  All I really want is a giant glass of wine and a steak!

I hate to be complaining, but I'm just miserable!  Only 12 weeks left...let's hope I can keep my sanity!

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