Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I Hate Due Dates

40 weeks.  That's what experts say is the average gestational length.  40 weeks.  Except, the experts are wrong!  Why do we all buy into this idea of 40 weeks?  Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due dates, so in reality, shouldn't women be given due MONTHS?  Normal pregnancy lasts from 37 - 43 weeks!  That is quite a range!

As you can probably guess, I hit the 40 week mark this past Tuesday.  I keep waiting for some sign of impending labor, but besides some Braxton-Hicks contractions, I've got nothin'.  I'm trying to be all "zen" about waiting.  After all, I know that I could be pregnant for weeks still (oh, lordy...) but chances are she'll come pretty soon.

I am a member of a few Facebook groups for mommies, and my May group stuns me almost everyday.  There are so many post saying variations of "I'm 39 weeks, getting induced Monday!"  My questions is always "Why?"  Is there a medical reason?  A REAL medical reason?  Big babies aren't a medical emergency (especially since ultrasounds can be off by two pounds!).  Overdue isn't a medical emergency (especially since postdate doesn't happen until after 42/43 weeks).  Why are all these women getting induced, and don't they understand that they raise the risk of c-section exponentially with every unneeded intervention??

I may need to go in for a bio-physical test or ultrasound if I hit 41 or 42 weeks, just to check to make sure there isn't a medical issue (placenta deteriorating or something), but I have a feeling that Deb will just let it ride for awhile.

I guess, for now I'll just enjoy my three-year old as an only child and wait and see what happens!