Friday, September 28, 2012

5 weeks!

5 weeks pregnant, and what's changed?  Well, for starters....I can't fit into my pants!!  What the heck?!  Now, I know that you're supposed to "show" sooner with your second (or third, or fourth) but this is ridiculous!!  I'm getting a little round belly, and it's getting harder to hide.

The morning sickness hasn't been too bad.  I'm mostly just nauseous, but I haven't puked - yet.  With Little Toots, I was sick every day for 15 weeks, so I think it's just a matter of time before I start bowing to the porcelain goddess.

My boobs are huge.  Just to give you an idea...

I have to pee a lot, but that's not really any different than any other time!  LOL

The only other thing that's really changed is the fact that I want to murder my husband on an hourly basis.  Everything he says or does pisses me off.  I'm going to assume I'm hormonal, but I frequently picture me kneeing him directly in the testicles.  When I get home, I'm tired, and I don't want to do all the cleaning that he expects to be done before he gets home.  I literally have two hours between walking in the door and J pulling in the driveway.  In that amount of time, I feed the kid, the dog, the fish, do the dishes, get Toots to use the potty and/or clean up the mess she's made in her pants, give her a bath, and usually something extra like start the laundry.  No, I'm not vacuuming.  No, I'm not cleaning the toilets.  I just WANT TO SIT DOWN!!  I feel like he was much more supportive during my first pregnancy, but then again we didn't have a toddler running around then...

Meanwhile, my first appointment isn't for another MONTH! It seems so far away, I don't know if I can wait!

Well, that's it for now - stayed tuned!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's official!

After two cycles of trying, J and I found out this morning that I'm pregnant!  YAY

As if on cue, the strange bodily signs started - acne, cramps, and feeling super tired.  So far, during my five seconds of pregnancy, it already feels totally different than the first time!  Maybe this means it's a boy?  Only time will tell!

I'll be updating as frequently as I can, as work has kind of taken over my life.  Things should calm down after October, and I'll be officially announcing around Thanksgiving!