Monday, May 20, 2013

What's Your Birth Vision?

At 36 weeks, I had my home visit.  For non-birth obsessed people, this is the part when the midwife comes to your home to get acquainted with it.  I also got to meet the back-up/birth assistant, Meredith.  She runs a midwifery practice as well.  In fact, she was the first midwife I contacted when I decided to switch to home birth, but her practice is a little too far away.  Ah, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!

Some midwives conducted all their check-ups at the patient's home, but in Deb's case, it wouldn't be possible.  I have about an hour and 15 minute drive to her office, but honestly, it's not that bad.

Meredith arrived first, and we sat on the front porch and chatted while we waited fro Deb.  It's interesting meeting people in person after you've "met" them virtually via Facebook.  I forget what we talked about, but it was relaxing and pleasant.  Deb finally found the house (I told her it was's definitely brown.  I'm an idiot!)  I gave them the grand tour, starting with the kitchen and working our way to the front of the house.  They both determined that the bathtub with jets will be ideal for laboring in, but it's not really wide enough for birthing.  We decided against renting a birth pool because of the cost, so we're going to have a "land" birth.  I showed the ladies all three of Little Toots playrooms (otherwise known as J's office, the dining room, and the spare bedroom/Baby G's room).  They also asked to see the washer and dryer, because they'll do a load of towels and sheets before they leave after I give birth!  Whoa, full service!

We all went back to the living room, and I finished filling out some paper work regarding pediatricians and back-up doctors.  Then, they asked me a wonderful question: "What is you birth vision?"

My birth vision?  No one had ever asked me that before!  I was surprised and didn't know how to answer!  My birth vision...hmmmm.  Well, I pictured myself laboring in the tub.  I've made two different playlists - one energizing, one calming - and I planned on walking around as I needed.  For the actual birth, I just see myself in the living room.  After all, it's where I spend most of my time.  However, I'm not opposed to being in my bedroom if I feel like I need to be in a more intimate setting.  Little Toots will have free reign, she can be there or not, whatever she's comfortable with (mom-in-law is coming to watch her, so I won't have to worry about it).  Deb has a birth stool and a birth ball, and I love the idea of a birth stool, so I'll probably push on that - or not.  I know I'll want it quiet, cell phones off, no one texting people while I'm trying to concentrate.  Sister-in-law will hopefully be there to perform some Reiki, in case I need pain management.

As I was talking, the midwives kept nodding, occasionally offering suggestion (like certain foods or drinks that might be nice).  I felt so relaxed!  I realized that I'm not nervous about labor AT ALL!  Yes, I'm anxious to meet my daughter and to see her face, but contractions?  Pushing?  Not even a blip on my radar.  I am completely ready for it.  In fact, and this will sound crazy to many people, but I'm looking forward to it!

They both gave me a big hug when they left, and I made my next appointment with Deb.

Now all we have to do it wait!