Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I Breastfeed

I used to have awesome boobs.  No, seriously.  They were large, but not too large, perky, and looked damn good in cleavage-showing shirt.  I can't count how many times they got me free drinks in college!

Now, I have mom boobs.  National Geographic, African tribes-woman, dangly, saggy, food-bags.  And I'm totally okay with!

When I was pregnant with Noli, I knew I would breastfeed.  It didn't even register that it was a choice - it's just what mothers did!  Now that I've joined 30,000 mommy groups online, I realize that so many women struggle with breastfeeding, or choose to formula-feed without even giving breastfeeding a chance!

Nursing Noli was easy - we didn't have any latch problems, supply issues, nada.  Since I stayed home with her, I didn't even really have any nursing tops, I just flopped the boobies out and let her eat!  Nighttime was harder, because I would take her in a different room to eat and change her diaper, then I'd bring her back to bed with me.  J started sleeping downstairs, and then I just nursed her in bed.  So much better!  Eventually she stopped nursing so often at night, and we put her in her own crib and J could come back to our bed.

Nursing Goldie is a little more difficult, simply because I have a toddler that needs attention too.  I can't just sit for hours and let her nurse as she pleases.  I haven't quite masters nursing while walking, or wearing the baby in a wrap (hey, it's only been two weeks!)  Nighttime nursing is MUCH easier, because a)We have a king sized bed now and b) Goldie can nurse laying down, a skill Noli didn't master until at least 3 months.

So, back to why I breastfeed.  Besides the facts that breast milk is nutritionally superior to formula and that it's the best way to bond, the reason why I breastfeed is because I am lazy.

That's right - I am lazy!  I could spend days in bed watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on loop (Or Doctor Who).  I could plant my ass on the couch for an entire weekend surfing the web, looking up stupid memes.  Breastfeeding is perfect! I get to sit in a recliner, set Goldie up on the Boppy (best breastfeeding accessory EVER), and play Candy Crush to my hearts content!  If I were to formula-feed her, I'd have to get up, walk to the kitchen, scoop some power into a bottle, heat up the water, shake it, feed the baby, then wash all that crap when I'm done!  Way too many steps for a sloth like me.  I sit.  Unbutton bra/shirt.  Feed baby.  Burp her, and DONE.

Bottle feeding at night?  I'd have to get out of bed, go downstairs, carrying the baby, mix the formula, yadda yadda yadda.  God, that would take FOREVER!  Now, Goldie doesn't even cry because I co-sleep and I hear her cues before she gets upset.  I just simply pull her to me, and let her nurse!  More often than not, I fall asleep with her still eating.  And then she'll fall asleep, and use my breast as a pillow (it's wicked cute!)  I joke that she's like a hamster with the water bottle thingy - she suck a little, sleep, come back, suck a little more, sleep... Easy peasy!

Now, let's talk about leaving the house.  Of course, I still carry a diaper bag.  But that's what it's for, diapers!  And wipes.  And a change of clothes, some spit-up rags, a plastic bag for gross stuff, and a blankey, and some pacifiers...and sunscreen...and snacks.  It's full.  Now, I couldn't imagine adding formula and bottles to that mix!  I already feel like a pack mule, why add more bulk?  My boobies are portable.  I literally cannot forget them at home.  You will never hear me utter the phrase "Oh crap, I forgot my boobs, we need to go to Wal-mart real quickly"  I may run out of diapers and walk around with spit-up all down the front of me, but my kid will never be hungry!

So, for a lazy-ass like me, breastfeeding is the only way to go.  Are there moments when I wish I wasn't stuck in a chair feeding my littlest?  Sure!  It's not always a beautiful and joyous thing.  I wake up covered in breast milk, leak through my favorite shirts, and sometimes my breasts hurt.  I have to go back to work in a few weeks, and I'm nervous about pumping and making sure my daughter has enough to eat.  But over all, breastfeeding is what works for me.  I wish it worked for everyone!