Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good news!

Yesterday was my appointment with the perinatologist.  First, we had an ultrasound.  The tech measured everything, and I was watching the screen.  Everything was completely average!  The baby is still a girl, weighs almost 3 pounds, and is about 52 percentile in terms of size.

Then, we had our consultation with the doctor.  I swear, the doctor looked like she was 12!  Some Doogie Howser stuff was going on, because there is no way she was old enough to go through college and medical school!  Either way, she was very nice and helpful.

I definitely DO NOT have circumvallate placenta, which is great news.  She was concerned about my low-laying placenta though.  Apparently, to have a "safe" vaginal delivery, your placenta should be 2cm away from your cervix.  Mine is 1.91cm away (although one measurement during the ultrasound did come out to over 2cm).  I'm only 29 weeks pregnant, and my uterus has a lot of growing to do.  Basically, my analogy is this: When you put a piece of tape on a deflated balloon, then slowly start inflating the balloon, it looks like the tape is moving up - that's what happens to the placenta.  It doesn't actually move, but the uterus stretches, creating more room between placenta and cervix.  Anyway, the doctor said that at 1.91cm, she would recommend a c-section.  HELL NO!  I'm not being gutted like a fish over a measly .09cm!  Do you know how small that is?  Especially since I still have 11 weeks of growing to do.  Nope, nope nope!  The doc suggested a follow up ultrasound in 5 weeks just to keep on eye on it...we scheduled the appointment, but I highly doubt I'll be keeping it, unless my midwife is adamant.

Next "issue" was my amniotic fluid level.  It's in the low normal range.  And my first thought was...."In other words, it's normal?"  She wanted yet another ultrasound to check my fluid level in a week, and told me to up my water intake.  Ok, I"ll drink more water, but why do I have to recheck a normal level?  Oh, because you're a surgeon and really, really want to see what my insides look like.  Gotcha.

Then she tells me that if I start bleeding or if my water breaks, to go to the hospital.  It took all my will power not to say "Duh!"

But really, she was very sweet, but she's a highly trained surgeon that specializes in high risk pregnancies...of course she wants me in a hospital!  I'm 100% confident in my body to birth this child naturally, with no interventions.  Now that I know there is nothing wrong, everything should be smooth sailing.  We just have to figure out a way to pay the midwife!

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