Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bordeom Busters!

It's the week before finals
and all through the office
not a student was stirring
not even a novice

Their backpacks were thrown
on the floor without care
in hope that their teachers
would not find them there...

Ok, that's truly terrible, but I'm incredibly bored!  Kids are all working on projects or papers, so I've been finding other ways to pass the time.  Could, blow off work with me!

 Fan-flipping-tastic.  These kids are super creative.  They could give my class a run for their money, for sure!

This one is pretty old, but I like a good throw-back now and again! 

Same house, different music, still awesome!

I hope you enjoyed my boredom busters!  Now, GET BACK TO WORK!!

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