Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  For today's 10 on Tuesday, here are 10 awesome ways to use pallets to decorate your home!

10.Rolling Outdoor Table as seen on joy ever after

This cute little table, made of two pallets and some basic wheels, can add a little flair to your patio!

9. Rustic Table as seen on Sew Homegrown

Again, just two pallets, and wham-boom!  A table!  Plus there is some additional storage for magazines or books.

8. Pallet Desk as seen on IKEA Hackers
Pallet + Legs = practical desk with built in storage!

7. Pallet Pet Bed as seen on Etsy:

 Of course, you'll make it and then your cat won't sleep in it...

6. Shoe Storage Rack

Admittedly, not the prettiest of pallets, but slap a little paint on there and wham-o, a shoe rack fit for a queen...or shoes.  Whatever.

5. Photo Shelf as seen on AmandaCarver Designs

For a cute way to display photographs, this shelf adds a touch of rustic beauty to your home.

4. Pallet Sofa as seen Cuarto derecha
 This one uses 6 pallets, topped by a simple foam cushion.  Add some color with pillows or cute slip covers!

3. Coat Rack as seen on Shelterness
I love this!  It couldn't be simpler.  We have a coat overflow problem at my house, and I will definitely be doing this project soon!

2. Pallet Christmas Tree

Pure cuteness!  This would be a perfect gift for the folk art lover in your family!

1.  Pallet Coffee Table as seen on Espritcabane
Love, love, love!  From the colors to the little drawers, I am in LOVE with this table!  This is going to be my NEXT next project.  It just looks so homey, and so pretty!

That's it for this week's 10 on Tuesday!  Have some pallet love?  Leave me a message, and be sure to follow my blog!

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