Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Little Toots and J came to visit me at work yesterday.  It was so nice!  We took her over to the science building to see the fish and the stuffed owls.  On our way out, we stopped by to say hi to my favorite librarian, who promptly asked me if I was "working on something in there" pointing to my stomach.  Note to self: burn the dress I was wearing!

But, the comment gave me that familiar "I want to pee on a stick" tingle.  So, I did.

Two lines popped up immediately!  So, I took a different brand of test, and no line on that one.  I sent it to a tweaker...She pulled a veryveryvery faint line (where the arrow is)

Now I'm stuck in that "Am I or aren't I" limbo.  I feel yucky, a little nauseated, crampy and bloated.  But that could be anything!  Those cheap internet tests are known for giving false positives, so I don't want to do my happy dance or call people yet.

Thank goodness no one reads my blog!

I wasn't even supposed to test until Thursday!  ACK!  I hope it's truly positive, and not some mead joke like the last one.  Only time will tell!

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